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 2022年5月21日(土) 06:25 JST

ZenCart-automatic operation installation software wkyZenCartInstaller v1.3.0 was

wkyZenCartInstaller v1.3.0 of the wkyInstaller series was opened to the public.

The function to copy Welcomemail under the cooperation of Obitastar rental server externals and to stick is added. As a result, because the value entered the screen by the automatic operation, the installation became possible without inputting the key without worrying because of the input at all.

wkyZenCartInstaller v1.3.0 is downloaded.

The wkyInstaller series : here please.

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wkyZenCartInstaller 1.0.1 service started! That can install ZenCart easily

Supporting system to install Zen Cart, the open source software to build online shop.
Both of Japanese and English (original) version can be installed.(select depend on OS language)

This is the application for Windows.
You can install ZenCart into rental server for example.

This "wkyZenCartInstaller" saves many steps before installation.
What you have to do is to start up the soft ware, fill in the necessary information on the screen and press “Start Install” button that’s all.

Detail steps that will be saved are….
  • Down loads the latest version of ZenCart
  • Uncompress the down loaded files
  • Create configure.php
  • Up load the files with FTP
  • Necessary permission settings
  • Start up browser install screen (/zc_insatall)

This is such a usable and simple software for the installation. You can skip those steps above.

Wkyinstaller series 2nd version -wkyZenCartInstaller-
for Windows (2000/XP/Vista)
.NET Frameword2.0 is necessary

You can download the tools from wkyInstaller : Zen Cart placed in download section.

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