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Date: 2010-09-15 21:49   Size: 160.93 KB   Version: 1.1.1
MD5: 1d874095332522fac1c8f07b1b050cad
Submitter: ひろろん   Web: http://hiroron.com/
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Site management system open source concrete5 support software installation!
This software management system software for easy-to concrete5 site can be installed with one click.
The latest version of your server rental concrete5 can be easily installed.
※concrete5 version: Added support for automatic updates!
[Main function]
* Install the FTP site URL or just a simple input of information
* Can install the latest version always available at
* Site features destination information store (for easy reinstallation.)
* Paste input support functions from opening e-mail server (wkyInstaller see the server list for rental)

[Advanced Features]
* Local archives (body) ability to specify
* Local own source directory (the body) the ability to specify

[Supplement 1]
FTP with write permissions (chmod) = 755 directory, the default configuration file = 644 (from the official request) is. The server may get your permission error. When it becomes http://hiroron.com/dokuwiki/doku.php?id=wkyinstaller:ftp_chmod view, set the appropriate value, please just install over again.

[Supplement 2]
Software for Windows XP/Vista/7

XP,. NET Framework2.0 is required. If not get the XP can be downloaded for free from Microsoft.
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