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 2023年10月 2日(月) 03:50 JST

wkyconcrete5Installer 1.1.1 =concrete5 automatic installation software=

The Japanese to English using Google Translate wkyconcrete5 the automatic installer, open source website management software can be installed easily concrete5.

concrete5 site management tool is installed, you can install in one step by using this software.

The biggest feature of this software
  • Permissions (attributes) are automatically set
  • File will then download the latest
  • Where do you pick which files and upload
It is these three!
Automation can be easily installed.
Please try to download it!

[Main function]
  • Install the FTP site URL or just a simple input of information
  • Can install the latest version always available at
  • Site features destination information storage (easily re-install)
  • Paste input support functions from opening e-mail server (wkyInstaller see the server list for rental)

*FTP for chmod = attributes (permissions) 755 default directory of our file is 644 (the official request of the security considerations). If the error in the access rights permissions and rental server [wiki:wkyInstaller:ftp_chmod] Please be configured according to your own server to see.

[Advanced Features]
  • Local archives (body) ability to specify
  • Local own source directory (the body) the ability to specify

Software for Windows XP/Vista/7
XP,. NET Framework2.0 is required. If not get the XP can be downloaded for free from Microsoft.

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wkyGeeklogInstaller 2.4.5 =Geeklog automatic install soft=

wkyGeeklogInstaller makes your Geeklog installation very easy. If you have experienced troubles at Geeklog installation such as FTP or file permission setting, hope you tyr this. Just one step and complete the installation. Installation for plugins and themses is also available.

Advantages of this installer is;
automatic FTP and file permission setting
check and downloads the lataset files
installs plugins and themese as well

[how to use]
Before installtion, your server should be equipped with PHP & MySQL database in accordance with 'Installation Requirements' on http://www.geeklog.net/docs/install.html. Please make sure to create a blank MySQL at unicode:UTF-8 in prior to geeklog installation. note:wkyGeeklogInstaller does not work with Microsoft MQL Server and does MySQL alone.

1. Download a file at wkyGeeklogInstaller 2.4.5 =Geeklog automatic install soft= and unzip at your favorite place at your local computer.
2. execute wkyGeeklogInstaller.exe.
3. Fill-in blanks of the window for

your db hose name: usually 'localhost'
db name:
db user name:
db password:
table prefix: usually 'gl_'

absolute path of your non public folder:
absolute path of your public folder:

site url:
admin e-mail:
site name:
site slogan:

FTP host name:
FTP user name:
FTP password:

path of non public directory at FTP:
path of public directory at FTP:

4. push 'Install' button
5. approximatelly 15 minutes later*, FTP and file permission setting completed and your browser opens at yoursiteurl/admin/install/index.php.
note: installation time may longer than 15 minutes depends on performance of your local computer's performance and internet connection.
6. Please follow the 'New Installation' item 5 and later at http://www.geeklog.net/docs/install.html

other features
  • geeglog 1.4.1, 1.5.x and 1.5.x-expanded selectable
  • save the install site settings by sitename.ini files
  • plugins & theme install is available
  • flexible setting with a 'recipe': setting file
  • drag & drop setting
  • copy & past the server setting e-mail

for advanced users
  • can use local tarboll file; geeklog itself only. not for plugins & themes
  • can designate local source directory
  • MD5 hash value copy function for recipe makers

.NET Framework 2.0 or higher is neccessary at your local computer. If your PC is Windows XP or later, usually no problem. However, some of XP does not includes .NET framework. In such case, need to download from the following link and install .NET Framework in prior to use wkyGeeklog Installer.http://www.microsoft.com/downloads/details.aspx?familyid=0856EACB-4362-4B0D-8EDD-AAB15C5E04F5
If you are interested in plugins and themes installation, features for advanced users, please leave a comment here. I am going to add more articles here.
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ZenCart-automatic operation installation software wkyZenCartInstaller v1.3.0 was

wkyZenCartInstaller v1.3.0 of the wkyInstaller series was opened to the public.

The function to copy Welcomemail under the cooperation of Obitastar rental server externals and to stick is added. As a result, because the value entered the screen by the automatic operation, the installation became possible without inputting the key without worrying because of the input at all.

wkyZenCartInstaller v1.3.0 is downloaded.

The wkyInstaller series : here please.

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wkyGeeklogInstaller v2.2.2.1 Released.

Now we release v2.2.2.1 correspoinding to wkyGeeklogInstaller v2.2.2 of the wkyInstaller seri
es that had a problem of progress termination on installation process  for excluding the mai
n body of Geeklog (plug-in and theme, etc.) caused by decompression error.

Download of wkyGeeklogInstaller v2.2.2.1

Recipe for the installation of wkyGeeklogInstaller and plug-in/theme :
here please.

The wkyInstaller series : here please.

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wkyZenCartInstaller 1.0.1 service started! That can install ZenCart easily

Supporting system to install Zen Cart, the open source software to build online shop.
Both of Japanese and English (original) version can be installed.(select depend on OS language)

This is the application for Windows.
You can install ZenCart into rental server for example.

This "wkyZenCartInstaller" saves many steps before installation.
What you have to do is to start up the soft ware, fill in the necessary information on the screen and press “Start Install” button that’s all.

Detail steps that will be saved are….
  • Down loads the latest version of ZenCart
  • Uncompress the down loaded files
  • Create configure.php
  • Up load the files with FTP
  • Necessary permission settings
  • Start up browser install screen (/zc_insatall)

This is such a usable and simple software for the installation. You can skip those steps above.

Wkyinstaller series 2nd version -wkyZenCartInstaller-
for Windows (2000/XP/Vista)
.NET Frameword2.0 is necessary

You can download the tools from wkyInstaller : Zen Cart placed in download section.

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