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 2023年10月 2日(月) 03:07 JST

About hiroron.com

WHO IS hiroron

Mainly the developer of Geeklog the Open source universal CMS. WkyInstaller series has been developed for meeting many opinions that Geeklog installation is hard for the biginner.
Otherwise, hiroron does WEB(HP) producing, system developing, designing, renting server space and IT support mainly in Chugoku district ( more on Fukuyama city, Hiroshima).

For Love and Peace

The Process of open source installation could be a little bit hard for the beginner and it irritates them sometimes or makes them give up.
Hopefully Geeklog would be able to reduce the irritation, and will brings you Love and Peace.

Building your WEB site(HP) with Geeklog

We build your WEB site (HP) with Geeklo from developing to designing also for server control.
Please contact us.

Producing Plug in for Geeklog

We produce original Plug in for Geeklog
Please contact us.

Producing original Geeklog theme

We produce original Feeklog theme.
Please contact us.

System development and IT support

Not only for Geeklog but we are also for all around system development and IT support.
Please contact us.

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